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Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket Tall 8-10 Lbs


Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket Tall 8-10 Lbs

15.99 $ 39.99

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Himalayan salt lamp baskets provide many health benefits. They naturally freshen the air and reduce humidity while in use. When you turn on a Himalayan salt lamp basket it emits negative ions that work to neutralize the positive ions that cause you to feel stuffy and sluggish. The negative ions also cause particles in the air to clump together and fall to the surface. When lit, Himalayan salt baskets also emit a relaxing glow. Please note: each Himalayan salt lamp basket is natural and hand made, therefore each one has slightly different shapes, colors and size Himalayan salt pieces. Includes a dimmer switch on the power cord and 25 watt bulb. 8" x 8" x 7.25". Manufacturer Item Number: 1301B

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