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New Fall Seasonal Fragrances and Scents

Check out some of the exciting new Fall fragrances from some of our favorite brands. Airome, Lampe Berger and Dionis Goat Milk Skincare have all released seasonal scents that are sure to delight you and your family.

Airome Essential Oils

Airome Essential Oils

Airome has introduced six new seasonal essential oil blends that are perfect for the fall and winter holidays.

  1. Autumn Harvest - A spicy...

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Maison Berger Expands The Lampe Berger Aroma Fragrance Collection

The Lampe Berger Aroma fragrance collection is designed to boost your well being. Whether it is improving your mood, energy level or mind set you will find a scent in this collection that is right for you. Last year Maison Berger introduced the collection with three fragrances: Energy, Happy and Relax. Now they are expanding the collection by adding five new fragrances.

Lampe Berger Aroma Fragrance Oils by Maison Berger

Aroma D-Stress - Sweet Fruits

A sweet and delicate fragrance that contains the calming and soothing tangerine essential...

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What is the Difference Between Body Butter and Body Lotion?

We see a lot of “butters” and “lotions” advertised to us in stores, through social media, and in shopping malls today. In the past, it used to be simple with Vaseline as one option, or a plain body lotion as another. Today, however, the skincare market has expanded, and with it have come new skincare products that can take your natural glowing presence to the next level.

Therefore, before you decide on your next lotion purchase, it’s important for you to understand the distinct differences between body butter and body lotion, as well as which one is best for you at...

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Airome Introduces Organic Essential Oils

Airome has introduced new organic essential oils. Certified USDA Organic, the ingredients are grown with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. If you buy organic fruits and vegetables to eat you may want to consider using organic essential oils, whether diffusing them in your home or applying them topically to your skin for multiple reasons.

I believe that most people that eat organic fruits and vegetables would agree with me when I say they taste better than non-organic versions and I think the same goes for the fragrance and wellness effectiveness of organic essential oils.

While most...

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The 5 Best Home Fragrance Scents for Covering Up Unwanted Odors

Sometimes, unwanted smells and odors can seep through our home, creating an unpleasant environment for you, your family, and especially your guests if you have anyone over for a meal or a nightcap. Whether it’s the smell of fried fish, burnt toast, or anything else that can end up lingering for far too long, it leaves you desiring an odor concealing scent that can make it all go away.

You’ve probably tried some of the generic options at local drug stores. Unhappy with the results, we’re here to share with you the five best home fragrance scents that will make...

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