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Maison Berger Paris

Maison Berger LogoMaison Berger is a global high-end home fragrance company with over 100 years of expertise. While they are best know for their popular Lampe Berger fragrance lamps they are always developing new innovative home fragrance products and categories such as the Maison Berger Mist Diffusers and newly redesigned car air fresheners.


New Lampe Berger Fragrances
Lampe Berger 500 ml Fragrance Oil Refills
Lampe Berger 1 Liter Fragrance Oil Refills
Lampe Berger Trio Packs
Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamps
Lampe Berger Replacement Burners / Wicks
Maison Berger Bouquet Fragrance Diffusers
Maison Berger Bouquet Diffuser Refills
Maison Berger Car Air Fresheners