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Lampe Berger Fragrance Oils & Lamps

Lampe Berger LogoLampe Berger fragrance oil lamps have been purifying the air and adding pleasant scents to rooms for over 115 years. Initially, they were used to purify the air in hospitals in France. Today, Lampe Berger fragrance lamps are used in homes worldwide. At Fragrance Oils Direct, you will find a large selection of home fragrance lamps and Lampe Berger oil refills available at great prices. We also invite you to discover the newly introduced Parfum Berger home fragrance products available in your favorite Lampe Berger scents including the best selling Ocean Breeze scent. Enjoy your shopping!


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Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamps
Lampe Berger 3P Burner / Wick


Lampe Berger's History of 115 Years of Innovation

In 1898 the original Lampe Berger was created and patented by Maurice Berger. At the time, he was a pharmaceutical assistant and he created the original Lampe Berger product to purify hospital bedrooms in France.

By the 1930's, home fragrances added to Lampe Berger's appeal and pleasure worldwide. The fragrance lamps decorative styles caught the eye of many collectors and quite a few of the limited edition fragrance lamps are absolutely precious.

Did you know that Colette, the famous french novelist, had a Lampe Berger on her desk? Jean Cocteau, the French writer, artist and filmmaker use Lampe Berger fragrances to eliminate the odors of the opium he smoked. According to Picasso, Lampe Berger is the smartest aroma.

Today, Lampe Berger continues to innovate and improve upon it's long history. More than 5 million liters of fragrance oil are sold each year. From introducing the new Lampe Berger Air Pur 3P Burner / Wick to the newly formulated fragrance oil refills that are introduced twice a year, Lampe Berger will continue to be an innovative leader in home fragrances for many years to come.