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How Do Wax Melt Fragrance Warmers Work?

This Is How Fragrance Warmers & Scented Wax Melts Work

Decorated in an assortment of styles, the Candle Warmers brand of fragrance warmers safely warm wax melts while quickly releasing their fragrance throughout your home. Each fragrance warmer has a warming light bulb that safely melts your favorite scented wax in the removable dish on top. A soft glow of light also shines through the accented light holes on the sides of the fragrance warmer.

Fragrance Warmer & Wax Melt Tips

Here is a time saving tip for changing fragrances in your wax melt warmer: Let the wax harden, turn the fragrance warmer on for one minute, slide the hardened wax out and then wipe the wax dish clean with a paper towel. Quick, clean and easy.

Did you know that the versatile plug-in fragrance warmers can be rotated to be used on vertical and horizontal outlets? The plug-in fragrance warmers are also ideal for above the counter outlets and in small rooms and spaces.