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Introducing Parfum Berger by Lampe Berger

With the introduction of Lampe Berger's new home fragrance line, Parfum Berger, we are happy to offer even more options to perfume your environment, while enjoying the exceptional Lampe Berger fragrances you love most. From car fragrance diffusers to room sprays and stick fragrance diffusers to ceramic rose diffusers.

The Parfum Berger car fragrance diffusers are designed to be placed in your car's ventilation system. The unique design is both eye catching and highly functional. A must have for every car in your household.

The Parfum Berger glass cube reed diffusers are topped by a silver ring and come with a bouquet of black diffuser sticks, which emphasize its elegant design. The Parfum Berger Rose Diffuser is finely crafted of ceramic and rests upon an elegant grey lacquered glass. You get a pleasant home fragrance and a stunning design in one package.

Parfum Berger room sprays provide an instant and simple diffusion of fragrance. You can either spray the scent of your choice in to the air or on a Parfum Berger Rose on a Tray. These fabulous new room sprays are available in your favorite Lampe Berger fragrances.

We highly recommend that you check out the new Parfum Berger home fragrance collection by Lampe Berger.

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