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Candle Warmers, Fragrance Warmers & Wax Melts Last Longer Than Candles Alone

Collection of Candle Warmers, Fragrance Warmers and Wax Melts by Candle WarmersWe all know little tricks to help our candles last longer, like keeping the wick trimmed or avoiding drafty areas. But are you still blowing (pun intended) through your candles faster than the speed of light? Fragrance Oils Direct now carries the ultimate solution for wax candle lovers: Candle Warmers!

When you burn a candle, the wax and the wick burn, making the wax burn away before truly enjoying all of the wonderful fragrance the candle has to offer.  When you use a Candle Warmer Lamp or Lantern, the warming bulb melts the top layer of wax which forms a large pool of melted wax that releases a cleaner, stronger and longer-lasting fragrance for your enjoyment. Once the fragrance from the melted portion of your candle has diminished, you simply pour off the melted wax and the remaining solid wax is full of fragrance and ready for use. 

The decorative fragrance warmers safely warm scented wax melts using a warming bulb below the wax melting dish on top to release long-lasting fragrance into the air. Just as with the candle lamps and lanterns, these wax melt fragrance warmers offer a superior home fragrance experience over burning scented wax candles without the danger of an open flame. Learn more about how wax melt fragrance warmers work along with some of the other benefits of using one in your home.

When you factor in the added safety benefit of not having an open flame it is easy to see why Candle Warmers lamps, warmers & melts are so popular.

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