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Enjoy The Premium Quality of WoodWick Home Fragrances

WoodWick Candles and Diffusers

WoodWick home fragrances are known nationwide for their superior quality and true-to-life scents. Founded in 1990 in Lynchburg, VA, WoodWick offers high quality premium fragrances that are carefully selected and tested right here in the USA. The WoodWick candles, fragrance diffusers, scented wax melts and car air fresheners feature a clean and versatile design that looks great in every home.

WoodWick jar candles feature a patented wooden wick that crackles like a fire place while burning. The high quality scented wax used in WoodWick candles provide a genuine, true-to-life scent for your enjoyment and pleasure in an iconic shaped glass jar with wooden lid. Many people enjoy the increasingly popular Trilogy Collection that offers a unique fragrance experience as the layers of scented wax melt together.

WoodWick reed diffusers feature highly concentrated fragrances infused with essential oils. They are the perfect way to continuously fragrance any space in your home or at work. All WoodWick reed diffusers have removable front labels and decorative, metal charms that make them look perfect in any home along side any decor style.

As you would expect, the highly fragranced and long lasting WoodWick wax melts and car air fresheners are available in many of the same WoodWick scents. The WoodWick wax melts are a great way to enjoy your favorite WoodWick scented candle without the flame. You can enjoy your favorite WoodWick scents on the go in your car with the WoodWick car air fresheners.

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