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Check Out These Fabulous New Lampe Berger Scents

Lampe Berger has just released four new scents in the 500 ml bottle size for their popular home fragrance lamps. These new Lampe Berger fragrances are: Extreme Orange, Majestic Sequoia, Subtle Almond and Wild Berries. Learn more about these wonderful new Lampe Berger scents below.

Lampe Berger Extreme OrangeLampe Berger's Extreme Orange is a refreshing fragrance. In the early 1900's fresh oranges were considered a luxury and even given as gifts at Christmas. Now, you can enjoy this fresh and explosive Lampe Berger fragrance in your home everyday. It's green and zesty combination of wood, iced vanilla, green notes and freesia are blended perfectly with fresh Florida orange and lemon zest notes.

Lampe Berger Majestic SequoiaDid you know that Giant Sequoia trees can grow as high as 300 feet tall and live over 3,000 years? Lampe Berger's Majestic Sequoia fragrance oil offers the freshness of pine needles along with a woody Sequoia scent. It is a spicy and invigorating fragrance and a wonderful masculine scent.

Lampe Berger Subtle AlmondLampe Berger's Subtle Almond is a milky and creamy fragrance. Sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla are combined with jasmine, creamy California almonds and fresh green anise to create this elegant and inimitable Lampe Berger fragrance.

Lampe Berger Wild Berries ScentEnjoy the luxury and refinement of the Tree of Life fruits with Lampe Berger's Wild Berries scented fragrance oil. The tangy and intense scent has base notes of musk, red berries and vanilla combined with middle notes of acai berries (the Tree of Life), black currant and papaya are topped off with explosive pomegranate and strawberry notes.

We look forward to hearing what you think of these new Lampe Berger fragrances. If you have experienced any of these fabulous fragrances and would like to share your opinion we would greatly appreciate an online product review from you. Simply click on one of the scents above and submit a review directly from the product's page. Or, you can just leave your thoughts below in the comments section. 

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