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Airome Introduces Organic Essential Oils

Airome has introduced new organic essential oils. Certified USDA Organic, the ingredients are grown with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. If you buy organic fruits and vegetables to eat you may want to consider using organic essential oils, whether diffusing them in your home or applying them topically to your skin for multiple reasons.

I believe that most people that eat organic fruits and vegetables would agree with me when I say they taste better than non-organic versions and I think the same goes for the fragrance and wellness effectiveness of organic essential oils.

While most essential oils are extracted from plants through steam distillation which minimizes the risk of pesticides or chemical fertilizers ending up in your essential oil, citrus essential oils are always cold-pressed. Cold-pressed essential oils are not extracted with steam and therefore the chances of pesticides or chemical fertilizers from the citrus peels ending up in your essential oils increases. 

If you are thinking of going organic with your essential oils, check out the six new organic essential oils from Airome below:

Airome Organic Essential Oils

Airome Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil - 100% steam distilled organic eucalyptus globulus leaf oil. This fresh and leafy aroma is invigorating and encourages deep breathing and relaxation.

Airome Organic Lavender Essential Oil - This organic lavender oil is a steam distilled flowery and herbal scent. It is a popular choice to diffuse before bedtime because of its relaxing and calming effects.

Airome Organic Lemon Essential Oil - Made from organic cold-pressed lemon peel oil. This zesty and clean aroma is great for boosting focus and energy.

Airome Organic Peppermint Essential Oil - 100% steam distilled organic peppermint oil that is minty and sweet. Diffuse this cool and refreshing aroma to boost focus, clarity and energy.

Airome Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil - Made from organic cold-pressed orange peels, this sweet and citrusy oil features an energizing and purifying aroma. Great to uplift and inspire a positive and joyful mood.

Airome Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil - This organic tea tree leaf oil is steam distilled and has a cool and purifying aroma.

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