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The 5 Best Home Fragrance Scents for Covering Up Unwanted Odors

Sometimes, unwanted smells and odors can seep through our home, creating an unpleasant environment for you, your family, and especially your guests if you have anyone over for a meal or a nightcap. Whether it’s the smell of fried fish, burnt toast, or anything else that can end up lingering for far too long, it leaves you desiring an odor concealing scent that can make it all go away.

You’ve probably tried some of the generic options at local drug stores. Unhappy with the results, we’re here to share with you the five best home fragrance scents that will make these odors evaporate instantly.

What are they? We’re glad you asked!

Airome Pure Lemon Essential Oil - It’s amazing what the power of citrus, particularly lemon essential oil, can do in the face of bad smells. The natural acidity in the scent will overpower and cut through any odors hanging in the kitchen or remainder of the house, leaving every room smelling freshly cleaned, crisp, and full of citrus (who doesn’t love the essence of citrus?). It’s a powerful scent that always wins in the face of odor.

Airome Pure Lemon Essential Oil

Inis Energy Of The Sea Diffuser - Great for the bathroom, this decorative reed fragrance diffuser features the coolness, clarity and purity of the ocean. In addition to offering a wonderful scent, this Inis diffuser with frosted glass vessel and fiber wick reeds looks great on display in any style home.

Maison Berger Ocean Breeze - Anyone who has been to the ocean knows the unmistakable scent that wafts off the waves and into the nearby homes. The scent of the ocean is one that is so comforting and powerful to us, which makes it an amazing home fragrance that will fill your home with the deliciousness of Mother Nature.

Maison Berger Lampe Berger Ocean Breeze Fragrance Oil Refill

Maison Berger Anti-Pet - This fruity & floral scented home fragrance diffuser is specially designed to neutralize pet odors in the home.  Enjoy the fruity notes of bergamot and apple, floral notes of lily of the valley and freesia, and woody notes of sandalwood and musk. The glass cube diffuser is topped by a silver ring and comes with its bouquet of black diffuser sticks, which emphasizes its elegant design.

Maison Berger Vanilla Gourmet - Last but not least, we have one of the most beloved home scents of all time – vanilla. Consider using vanilla as your home fragrance scent that will make the entire house smell like you just whipped up a delicious batch of cookies. Bury any unwanted scents and cooking related odors instantly.

At Fragrance Oils Direct, we want your home to be your sanctuary, a place where you feel comfortable, happy, and elated with the scents that surround you. Consider checking out our extensive home fragrance shopping selection, which has every kind of scent to please your natural preference. Say goodbye to unwanted odors, and hello to the home of your dreams this year.

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