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Maison Berger Introduces New Car Fragrance Diffusers

Maison Berger made a major upgrade to their car air freshener line with the introduction of newly designed stylish car fragrance diffusers along with convenient ceramic refills. These new high quality metallic car fragrance diffusers feature a clip that easily attaches to any car air vent. The most exciting thing about these new Maison Berger car vent fragrance diffusers are the light and sensual fragrances that make for a pleasant journey in the car no matter how stressful the traffic is. Below are some of our favorite car fragrances.

Maison Berger Ocean Breeze Car Diffuser Set

Maison Berger Ocean Breeze Car Air FreshenerThis Maison Berger car diffuser is chrome colored with a honeycomb design. As many of you may know, Ocean Breeze is the best selling Lampe Berger fragrance. It features an invigorating burst of a radiantly tropical and revitalizing fruity cocktail blended with the exotic freshness of grapefruit, embellished by a warm woody scent. Now you can enjoy Ocean Breeze in the car while on the go. Perfect for summer driving!

Maison Berger Aroma Energy Car Diffuser Set

Maison Berger Energy Car Fragrance Diffuser SetThe Energy Maison Berger car diffuser is matte nickel colored with a fun and modern cutout design. The Sparkling Zest scent features a fresh and sparkling fragrance. It contains grapefruit essential oil to help reduce anxiety and lift sprits. Perfect for those long, tiring and stressful road trips for work or with the family.

In our opinion, these new car fragrance diffusers are more stylish and a higher quality than the older Lampe Berger car air fresheners. Plus being refillable makes them much more appealing to most people. We give Maison Berger two thumbs up for their improvement of the car fragrance experience. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about these exciting new car air fresheners below.

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