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Got Dry Cracked Winter Hands and Knuckles? Check Out These Hand Creams

Nobody wants dry, cracked and bleeding hands. Are your hands and knuckles dried and cracked from the dry winter weather? Or, do you have to wash your hands often because of your job duties? If so, it is time for you to moisturize, nourish and protect the skin on your hands. Knowing that men and women have different needs and preferences when it comes to their hand skin care, we wanted to share our favorite for each below.

Dionis Goat Milk Unscented Hand Cream for Men

Dionis Goat Milk Unscented Hand CreamDionis Goat Milk Skincare makes a fabulous unscented hand cream that's perfect for men. This rich and creamy hand cream is made with grade A goat milk and naturally fortified with protein, iron, fat and vitamins A, D and E which help relieve dry skin. If you are a man that prefers a fragrance to your hand cream, there are over a dozen custom Dionis Goat Milk Skincare fragrances.

Inis Energy Of The Sea Nourishing Hand Cream for Women


Inis Nourishing Hand Cream
Inis Nourishing Hand Cream features a unique blend of shea butter, argan oil and seaweed extracts.  This Inis hand cream is paraben free, antioxidant-rich with Vitamins B & E and never tested on animals. Energy of the Sea is Inis's clear, cool and pure ocean signature scent that women totally love.


We hope you find the above suggestions helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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