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New Lampe Berger Fragrances Introduced

Lampe Berger has introduced three new smooth and luxurious home fragrances. The new Cotton Caress fragrance is a light and powdery scent. Silk Touch is a delicate floral fragrance and Velvety Suede is a spicy woody scent. Learn about these exciting new Lampe Berger fragrances and share your thoughts below.

Lampe Berger Cotton Caress
Lampe Berger's Cotton Caress fragrance is light and smooth. The clean floral scent includes fresh roses and orange blossoms topped off with some vanilla, musk and honey to add a little sweetness. The light powdery fresh scent makes Cotton Caress an ideal Lampe Berger fragrance for the bathroom or bedroom.
Lampe Berger Silk Touch Fragrance
If you prefer soft delicate floral scents, then you should consider trying Lampe Berger's Silk Touch fragrance. The freshness of melons, violets and rose petals are combined perfectly with chocolate, vanilla and patchouli to create this new floral fragrance that is just right. This is great for use in the bedroom or living room of your home.
Lampe Berger Velvety Suede Fragrance
Lampe Berger's Velvety Suede fragrance oil features spices and saffron along with a nice balance of light floral scents, smooth sandalwood, white musk, vanilla and suede. The spicy woody scent of Velvety Suede makes it a great fragrance choice for offices and a wonderful option for your Lampe Berger lamp in the kitchen or family room.

These new Lampe Berger fragrances are available to order now. We hope you enjoy them. If you have had a chance to experience these fragrances and would like to share your comments, please do so below. 

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