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Lampe Berger Celebrates 120 Years; Changes Company Name to Maison Berger

Lampe Berger 120th Anniversary

In 1898, Maurice Berger created and patented the Lampe Berger catalytic burner diffusion system that purifies and fragrances the air. Now, 120 years later, Lampe Berger is the worldwide leader in the catalytic fragrance lamp market with over 90% market share. Lampe Berger produces over 800,000 fragrance lamps per year and over 5 million liters of its fragrance oils in over 60 different fragrances.

To celebrate their 120th anniversary and pay homage to their roots, Lampe Berger has introduced the Elegant Parisienne fragrance along with a small collection of Paris themed products. The Lampe Berger Elegant Parisienne is the essence of a happy woman in love with its floral freshness and warmth.

Legend Fragrance Lamp
Gift Set

Elegant Parisienne

Elegant Parisienne

Lampe Berger Paris Becomes Maison Berger Paris

Today, Lampe Berger is leveraging its perfumery expertise to work towards becoming a more complete global high-end home fragrance company. They are developing new innovative technologies and adding new home fragrance product categories such as the recently added Parfum Berger home fragrance diffusers and car air fresheners. With the expansion into other home fragrance categories, Lampe Berger Paris will change its name to Maison Berger Paris. The word maison means "house" or "home" in French which better reflects the full range of products now offered. Lampe Berger will remain as a product line along side Parfum Berger and some new future high-end home fragrance product lines under the new Maison Berger Paris company umbrella. 

Maison Berger Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamps

Stay tuned for some of Maison Berger's newly re-designed car air fresheners and new Aroma Collection of home fragrance products along with some new Lampe Berger fragrances over the next couple months. We are very excited about the future of Maison Berger with their planned development of new home fragrance technologies and the expansion of product ranges. We hope you are as excited as we are, if not more.

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