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My Lampe Berger Fragrance Lamp Will Not Stay Lit, Please Help

Are you having a problem keeping your Lampe Berger fragrance lamp lit?  If so, the information below will probably help you.

First off, make sure that you are using only original Lampe Berger fragrance oils in your fragrance lamp.  Provided that is the case, the reason your Lampe Berger burner will not stay lit is probably because the wick has soaked up too much fragrance oil and has become overly saturated.  This usually occurs because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Your wick is too long for your lamp - The longer Lampe Berger 3C Burner / Wick is designed for use in taller lamps.  If you use this longer Lampe Berger 3C Burner / Wick in an average to short height fragrance lamp you may experience a problem with the burner getting too saturated and not staying lit.
  2. Your lamp is filled too high with fragrance oil - Lampe Berger recommends that you fill your fragrance lamp up to 2/3 the way full and no more.  But, in our experience filling your fragrance lamp 1/2 full with fragrance oil is better, especially if you are having this problem.
  3. Your wick needs replacement - You should replace your Lampe Berger Wick / Burner every year or 200 uses, whatever comes first.

If you are using the right length wick, original Lampe Berger fragrance oils and your burner is not in need of replacement, following these steps below will probably help get your burner working properly again.  First, remove your wick / burner from the lamp and place it somewhere safe away from children and pets to dry out for about 24 hours.  Then, make sure your fragrance lamp is no more than 1/2 full with the Lampe Berger oil.  Finally, replace your dried out wick and follow the instructions for first time use of your Lampe Berger Lamp.

In our experience this will solve your problem of the Lampe Berger burner not staying lit the majority of the time.  Give it a try, it can't hurt, won't cost you anything and will probably greatly improve your Lampe Berger usage experience. 

Lampe Berger Fragrance Oil Lamps

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  • Fragrance Oils Direct on

    Triv, There’s always a possibility of a wick being defective. It should last one year or up to 200 uses, whichever comes first.

  • Fragrance Oils Direct on

    Dave, be sure to not fill your lamp more than half full as it can make the wick over saturated and not stay lit.

  • Fragrance Oils Direct on

    Liz Smith,
    It sounds like your wick is working perfectly. It is not supposed to emit smoke or a flame. You should feel a little bit of heat and smell the fragrance.

  • Liz Smith on

    I have a beautiful Lampe and also cannot get it to stay lit. New dry wick and ceramic head still no help. I can smell the fragrance but no smoke.

  • Triv on

    I’ve done all the troubleshooting and wick still does not stay lit. It is dark in color but not wet. How long does the wick last. I’ve only used it 10 or 15 times. Could it have been a defective wick?

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