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New First Time Lampe Berger Fragrances & New Takes on an Old Favorite

As they do every spring, Maison Berger has introduced some new and exciting Lampe Berger fragrances. This year they have introduced 2 totally new scents along side a new take on an old favorite Lampe Berger scent. This spring's new introductions are: Pure White Tea, Lychee Paradise and the New Fresh Eucalyptus fragrance.

Maison Berger White Tea Fragrance
For the first time, Maison Berger will be using tea as a raw material in a Lampe Berger fragrance. The new Pure White Tea is a fresh and delicate fragrance featuring a combination of cedar, white musks, bergamot, black currant and white tea. It is accented with floral notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and rose.

Maison Berger New Fresh Eucalyptus Fragrance
New Fresh Eucalyptus Lampe Berger fragrance by Maison Berger is an invigorating updated combination of the woody, citrus, and floral notes found in the original Fresh Eucalyptus scent. Oakmoss, cedar and amber are followed up by lavender, eucalyptus and marine notes. To top this fresh fragrance off, citrus and green notes are added.

Maison Berger Lampe Lychee Paradise
Last but not least, the Maison Berger Lampe Berger Lychee Paradise is a fruity, feminine fragrance featuring a combination of fruits, flowers and eucalyptus.  This new fragrance features scents of peach, coconut and musk that are combined with grapefruit, white flowers, lychee and rose and then topped off with melon, apple, lemon and eucalyptus.

We hope you enjoy these new Lampe Berger fragrances by Maison Berger. We look forward to hearing your feedback below.

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